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Solving Reading Problems Program

Taking the mystery out of learning and teaching reading!
Empowerment for teachers and parents!

Reading Problems.   Of all of the educational processes, dealing with reading difficulties can be the most frustrating learning obstacle students and teachers encounter.   Getting behind in reading often spells instant trouble.   Reading is a process dependent upon step-by-step skill development and consistent application. Students encountering reading difficulty at any step along the way may resist further challenges, and continually struggle from that point forward.   Students can get stuck during any aspect of the learning process.   Identifying the difficulty and resolving that individual skill problem is the most common challenge facing educators and parents.

With Helen Heron's revolutionary program, Solving Reading Problems, the challenge has become surmountable.

Solving Reading Problems enables parents and teachers to clearly identify a child's underlying skill weakness, find and apply the right learning remedy, and empower the child to move forward, seamlessly, through reading levels.   Our Reading Specialists take the approach that each student has individual sources of difficulty, our program helps to develop customized solutions to each child's particular weaknesses.

Where 'one size fits all' programs fall short, where classic classroom techniques fail, the Solving Reading Problems program works!


Part I


The surveys we provide you are simplified versions of the tests educators use to identify skills and measure reading readiness.   You'll learn about how even muscle coordination and speech affect reading and word recognition.   The surveys can easily be completed; laying the groundwork for determination of the child's best learning style.

Part II


Our reading specialists will perform the all-important process of reviewing the surveys, and determining if your child has reading problems.   After identifying any telltale 'difficulty clusters,' we provide you with a customized Action Plan including specific teaching and learning solutions.

Part III


We'll send you the solutions you can apply based on the deficient skill areas, underlying causes and symptoms.   Recommendations for teaching lessons designed to address your student's   particular problem area are provided.



You're provided with essential information such as specific word lists, rules and explanations geared for various reading problems.   You also receive Individual Educational Plans, glossary of technical terms, and additional survey forms.