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Study Skills

Good study skills are the foundation of success in education, as well as life. Below, you will find a variety of suggestions on using different learning styles to master the various study skills. Most study hints are geared for rote learning. If that has not worked for you, try some of our innovative suggestions that are practical, reliable, and different!

Note taking is the key element in good study skills. Here you can learn how to earn better grades in half the time! You will find tips on taking good reading and lecture notes, and paraphrasing your notes. Good notes will save you painful re-reading of school assignments, and prepared you specifically for the test material or essays your teacher will require. Next in importance is rapid and efficient reading. Look here for tips to improve your overall reading, reading comprehension and study reading. Despite what slow readers believe, research shows that more rapid readers comprehend better and remember more than slow readers. As you turn to your writing skills, you will discover that writing is the other half of reading. Here are tips on starting a paper, editing a paper and outlining and organizing your notes. These skills can all work together to improve your grades. Research uses your reading and note taking skills to write ever more impressive essays and stories. Here are the things you need to know to earn “A”s and sound like you have mastered your subject. Build your test taking skills build on note taking and reading skills to earn your highest possible grades. You can use the essay writing tips to improve your essay tests also. Listening skills use your note taking. Finally, check out the section on learning styles for tips on how to memorize in the most effective and efficient way for you.