Heron Publishing: All About Reading


How Heron Publishing Helps

From educators to business people, Heron Publishing has received wide acclaim for products which improve learning and simplify the important process of learning how to learn. They are tools for life-long success

"... it asks the right questions and provides the right information for informed decision making..."

Dr. Dee Roshong,
Associate Dean of Student Services, Las Positas College

"A month-to-month survival manual for families tackling the chore of college application...simple, straightforward..."

Pomona College Alumni Magazine

"A wealth of information...Such an effective list of time savers, test tips, memorization tools...This is really usable material."

Roy L. Jones,
Fellow, Creative Problem Solving Institute

"...the easiest-to-follow guide imaginable..."

Dorris Lee,
Author, Rapid Reader

"I find myself using it as a time-management tool in my business on a daily basis! It's all applicable far beyond school."

Matt Geiser


Heron Publishing products teach how to:

  • Use the creative problem-solving system
  • Learn Essential Skills
  • Focus on what you enjoy
  • Add to your list of accomplishments
  • Understand your learning style
  • Master geographic concepts
  • Read more rapidly and well