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By Helen H. Heron
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You are about to decide which college or university you will accept. Weigh the following ideas in making your decision. To simply the process, make a grid, writing the colleges across the top of your page. Write the factors you will use to make your decision down the side margin. Weigh each item using a scale from "0" (least important) to "5" (most important). Add it all up and narrow your decision down to the top two or three items. Then, talk over the results with your parents, teachers and friends and make your own final decision. If you get "stuck", read the complete decision making process listed under "Tips For Teachers".

When you visited the school

  • Did you really like the school? Will you fit in comfortably?
  • Did you like the staff and professors you met?
  • Were they all friendly and welcoming to you?
  • Did you "fall in love" with the school?

Evaluating the School

  • Is the school accredited?
  • Does the school offer good research opportunities?
  • Is the school noted for its strong departments in your areas of interest?
  • Who teaches the undergraduates?
  • How many graduating seniors go on to higher degrees or are admitted to graduate school?
  • How effective is the job placement office?

Your Comfort Zone

  • Will you fit in the top one half or one third of the student population academically?
  • Do you like the school's size and location?
  • Does this school offer the most scholarships and grants and require the least amount of parent and student contributions?
  • Will the school help you earn your contributions?
  • Can you resolve your transportation needs?
  • Do you have any friends or family in the area?
  • Does this school offer the activities, recreational and cultural opportunities you want?
  • Is this a place that excites you? Will you be able tp grow intellectually and also have fun?

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