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What is Heron Publishing?

Heron Publishing exists to allow Helen Heron to spread her unique approach to people nationwide. It is her collection of educational wisdom and tools willingly shared. Ms. Heron's educational expertise and her life experience have taken her all over the world. She has made presentations to the California Council for the Social Studies, the California Association for the Gifted, the World Congress of Gifted Children at The Hague, Netherlands and Hong Kong China, and to the Mensa World Gathering in Orlando, Florida. She has lived in France, Canada, China, and Peru, which provides her with a uniquely multicultural vision that has brought her to one simple and distinct conclusion: All humans learn. They just need the right tools to accomplish it.

Getting into college can be an arduous and overwhelming process. Helen Heron has streamlined a system which assists in minimizing the burden, while focusing on lifelong tools for successful goal attainment. Heron Publishing offers the tools for learning how to learn. Ms. Heron's experience as a master educator gives her the ability to select the finest, most useful educational and self-improvement tools available.


Helen Heron shares her thirty-five years of teaching GATE and Honors classes, Remedial Reading and Study Skills in several ways.   She will speak on various aspects of study skills including reading, writing and test taking, creative problem solving, and college applications. You may invite her to speak to your group of any size in California.

  • To develop critical thinking skills: First presented at the California Association for the Gifted in 1978, The Study Skills Sequence helps teachers to integrate a skills sequence into their current program and to ensure that all their students utilize analytical and critical thinking skills. Presentation with handout or your group can use our pamphlet, The Study Skills Sequence for Teachers. 35 pages. 1-2 hours.
  • To assist gifted students with their problem solving skills.   Creative Problem Solving for Gifted Students was first presented at the World Congress on Gifted Children at The Hague, This workshop explores the difficulties of gifted students and enables parents and teachers to assist their students in developing good coping and problem solving techniques. This presentation can be adapted to assist all students to develop common sense and good judgment to resolve their problems. Handout. Your group can also use our pamphlet,'Effective Decision Making' 16 pages. 1-3 hours. For ordering information, click here.
  • To increase students' test scores, Test Taking Skills assists students to test at the top of their abilities. A separate presentation for teachers helps them incorporate these concepts into their regular assessment program.   Handout, Your group can use our pamphlet, 100 Tips for Scoring High on the New SAT. For ordering information, click here.
  • To increase students' reading scores, Power Reading assists teachers to use their regular text books to develop their students' reading abilities. Show your students how to anticipate questions and develop strategies to identify the correct responses.   Can be applied to any subject content. Presentation with handout.   Your group can use our pamphlet, 101 Tips on Power Reading. 1-2 hours. For ordering information, click here.
  • To increase students' writing scores, this presentation gives teachers a systematic plan to develop students writing abilities.   Based on Bloom's Taxonomy, this makes explicit for teachers and students an analytical structure for essay writing. Handout. Your group can use our pamphlet, 101 Tips on Essay Writing.   1-2 hours.
  • To assist parents and students to prepare for college application, College Countdown provides a planning guide for high school students.   Designed to supplement and confirm the regular school counseling materials, this program and the accompanying book is a necessity for high schools with no counselors. Handout. Read below how to make more money on your event with College Countdown, A Planning Guide for High School Students, 5th Edition. 1-2 hours. For ordering information, click here.

Also, College Countdown and 101 Tips on Testing can be used as a fundraiser for your group or school.

How to contact Will Coleman for cartooning services. This book features cartoons drawn by Will Coleman. Coleman has illustrated three editions of College Countdown as well as the Confessions of a Tax Accountant by Noelle Allen, C. P. A.  His experiences as a Film Major at UC Santa Barbara enliven some of his drawings.   Coleman recently was involved with developing, writing, editing, and even doing voice-overs for more than two hundred award-winning educational games on the internet or contact Will by e-mail.

Send mail to Heron Publishing, 603 Seagaze St. # 180, Oceanside, CA 92054, e-mail, or call 1-760-754-5237 between 10 am and 10 pm Pacific Time. Click here to order our books and reports and pamphlets.

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  • Planning Your High School Career
  • Scoring High on the SAT
  • College Countdown to the School of Your Choice
  • Study Skills Sequence