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Entering High School

ExplosionPart I, Entering High School helps students gather facts about themselves as they leave elementary school and plan their high school programs. Focusing on the beginning years of high school, it is a reliable guide to the right courses and activities for every student.

  • Use this planning guide for the entering freshman to analyze the best courses, activities and sports while in high school.

  • Save College Countdown as an excellent diary in which to record accomplishments, classes and grades on summary pages in preparation for resumes and personal essays.

  • Find guidance for incoming juniors or seniors to gather the information they need to choose a college. Students should explore different kinds of vocational training to broaden their view of their future potential.

  • Identify the essential activities during the senior year. Here is critical assistance on timing to meet all the overlapping deadlines.

  • Use each year’s summary pages to help decide which activities and classes should be pursued. These notes will form the basis for the resume.

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